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Low And Medium Frequency Therapy Device Electrical Pulse Massager 100V-240V

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CD-9X Therapy Apparatus is a physiotherapy instrument with its synthetic function of magnet and electricity based on traditional Chinese medical science about the state of internal organs , meridians , and the modern electronics . Combining magnetic and electrical treatment , acupuncture , cupping and massage as one , patients will get a synthetic while electrodes touch their acupuncture points . Its most striking characteristic is " Treatment Quickly " , one treatment takes only dozens of seconds to a few minutes .

The apparatus is portable , provided with fluorescent indication screen , It brings about organic constitute of both treatment function . Whole apparatus provided with every form treatment electrodes , In a treatment , as per the difference patient's concrete condition , the many kinds of electrodes are placed to the relevant acupuncture points in curative function , can treat by oneself . Better result could be achieved , it is easy to operate , electricity -saving without limitation of external conditions . Its great advantage is no skin harm , nor cross infection . It is a ideal physiotherapy apparatus of family ,clinic and hospital.

The apparatus applies to Cold , Hypertension , Diabetes , Bronchitis , Gastroenteritis , Gastritis , Arthritis , Cervical Vertebra Disease , Scapulohumeral Periarthritis Prolapse of Lumbar Intervertebral disc , Stiffness Prostatitis , Indigestion in Children , dysmenorrhoea , Pelvic Infection , Insomnia , Facial Paralysis , Rhinitis , Toothache , etc .

Technical Data
Power Source :
AC 220V ±22V 50Hz+ 1Hz
AC 100V/110V/240V + 10% 50/60Hz + 1Hz
Load resistence : 500Ω
Electric power : < 15VA
Output wave form : audio pulse wave
Output frequency : 70Hz-6000Hz
Magnetic field intensity :≥0.1T , max≤0.3T
Output Voltage : 0-75Vp-p , max≤100Vp-p
Net weight : 750g
Overall dimensions : 165x120x41mm
Use environment : Temperature 5°C-40°C ; humidity≤80%
Transport environment : Temperature-40 °C -55 °C ;humidity 90%
Implement Standard : YZB/Liao 0035-2010

Packing list
Haihua QuickResult therapeutic Device *1 unit
Pillar Electrode *1 pair
Thick and Round Electrode *1 pair
Middle Round Electrode *1 pair
Conductive Electrodes Pads*1 pair
English User's manual *1 piece
Chinese/English Guide For Treatment *1 piece
AC110-240V Power Adapter *1 unit

Please note: Before use, the absorbent cotton in the treatment head should be completely wet, making it fully wet, and must use two treatment heads at the same time to work, otherwise no current output. Spray bottles are just used to supplement water.

If you don't know how to adjust the voltage, watch this video tutorial.


The two buttons on the left are for increasing the energy level, which requires 5 consecutive presses and the indicator lights up. Because it has different levels for each indicator. The two buttons on the right are to lower the energy level, and also need to press 5 times in succession, the indicator light goes out.