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LED Silicone Mask 4 Color Photon Skin Rejuvenation Light Therapy Beauty Mask Unique Style Silicone Phototherapy Mask

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The high-tech LED light photon mask is the new time home used beauty device that just developed. Using LED (Light emitting diode) issued the special wavelength of light has good effect to human skin. Long term use can achieve beauty effect. LED light is physical way for beauty. No Side effect, the LED light photon mask can use by itself or use with cosmetic/disposable mask together.

How each color works?  

Red Light: Skin Rejuvenation-Promote improved blood circulation, spot banishing, and bright skin

Use 633nm special wave length strong pure light, this wave length light can penetrate skin to deep layer. Stimulate collagen protein and fiber metrocyte creation. It is for skin tightening, antiaging, educe wrinkles, less pore, fade out freckle, scar, acne spot, whitening skin. Provide activation energy for skin cells, promote skin metabolism and anti-acne.

Blue light: Clarifying skin and reduce acne- Inhibit oil secretion, regulate skin moisturizing-oil balance

Use 415nm special wave length strong pure light can prevent Propionibacterium and other bacterium create. Anti-skin inflammation, reduce acne scar caused. Special blue light can calm down skin, relief pain, eliminate skin hyperemia. It has good effect on skin problem caused by insomnia and climacteric. 

Green light: Row of edema, Reduce skin grease

Use 555nm special wave length reduce sebum create. Improve skin condition like pachylosis, wrinkle, and red face, general skin damage cause by exhaustion and mental strain. It's good for draining skin toxin as well. 

New infrared light:

Use 830 special wave length, this near infrared light is invisible. It is effect are used on the surface of the skin as well as penetration of about 1.5 inches into the body. Infrared light benefit are pain relief, increased circulation and blood flow, detoxification, skin rejuvenation, relaxation and improved sleep. Infrared is one of the best ways you can naturally your body.