Affiliate Program FAQs

  • Who can join Associates Program?
  • Anyone wants to make extra money can join our Associates Program.  Recommending our products to your family members, relatives, friends and coworkers, let them purchase from your referral link. 
  • How do I get paid for purchases made using my referral link?
  • Associates earn 5% commission when someone purchase from your referral link. Qualify purchases commission will be approved 2 weeks after product has been delivered. The products get returned or refund is disqualified purchases will not get approved for commission. See Return & Refund Policy
  • When Will I Get Paid?
  • Payments are made monthly if your balance meets the minimum threshold. Commission earnings are paid by Venmo or PayPal 30 days after the end of the month for which they are being paid. Payment will made on the 15th of each month.
  • Why do I have a negative account balance?
  • In rare circumstances, enough products may have delivered during a previous month, for which you have already been paid, and then returned or refunded during the current month, to cause the amount you owe us to exceed your commission income for the current month. This produces a negative balance. If this situation occurs, we will simply deduct the amount from future commission income.

    In order to prevent PayPal unauthorized transactions and credit card chargeback fraud, the shipping address of all orders must match with PayPal confirmed address.