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110-220V ow And Medium Frequency Therapy Device Body Pulse Massager

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Apply to cold, hypertension, bronchitis, enteritis, stomach problems, arthritis, cervical syndrome, frozen shoulder, waist disc prolapse, stiff neck, prostatitis, pediatric dyspepsia, dysmenorrhea, pelvic inflammatory disease, insomnia, facial paralysis, rhinitis, toothache and other diseases of the supporting therapy.

Load resistance:500
Power Consumption:15va
Output waveform:Audio Pulse
Output Frequency:400hz - 2000hz
Magnetic induction:> 0.1t, max 0.3t
Output Voltage:0 ~ 75vp-p, max 100vp-p
Use of the environment: Temperature 5 ~ 40; humidity 80%
Transportation Environment: Temperature -40 ~ 55; humidity 90%
contact terminals:large: diameter 8.5cm
medium: diameter 4.0cm
small: diameter 2.8cm

The instrument is portable, easy operation, low power consumption, free from external constraints, its advantage is that no stab the skin, to avoid cross-infection, the family, clinics, hospitals treated an ideal instrument.

Apply to cold, hypertension, bronchitis, enteritis, stomach problems, arthritis, cervical syndrome, frozen shoulder, waist disc prolapse, stiff neck, prostatitis, pediatric dyspepsia, dysmenorrhea, pelvic inflammatory disease, insomnia, facial paralysis, rhinitis, toothache and other diseases of the supporting therapy.


  • Power:100v/110v/240v(US EU UK plug)
  • Load resistance:500
  • Power Consumption:15va
  • Output waveform: Audio Pulse
  • Output Frequency:400hz - 2000hz
  • Magnetic induction:> 0.1t, max 0.3t
  • Output Voltage:0 ~ 75vp-p, max 100vp-p 
  • Use of the environment: Temperature 5 ~ 40; humidity 80%
  • Transportation Environment: Temperature -40 ~ 55; humidity 90%