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Heavy Duty 45"A-Frame Roof Dog Crate Cage Kennel

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  • Each cage has a front door. The front door locks with 2 patent latches.
  • This pet crate also have an ultra-durable, multi-layer finish that is much stronger than the "electro" or "powder" coats seen in inferior cages. This hammer tone finished is rust, corrosion and fade resistant. Suitable for outdoor and indoor use.
  • The crate features a removable metal pan and a floor crate. This innovative design makes it easier to keep your pet clean and makes mess removal a breeze. Made from steel with a multi-layer protective coating, the flooring pieces will not stain, rust, warp, corrode or retain pet odors.
  • The lower pan has an integrated lip around the perimeter to contain any mess. Both trays are held securely in place by a retaining latch to prevent slipping but can be quickly removed for cleaning. These crates also feature 4 caster wheels, all of which lock to prevent accidental movement.
  • They ship partially assembled, require only minimal setup, and can be constructed in minutes. For maximum comfort, the crate should be sized 4" to 6" longer than the dog's body length, and 4" to 6" taller than its shoulder height.