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Foldable Magnetic Rower Rowing Machine with 8 Resistance for Full Body Exercise

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The perfect piece of equipment for your starter home gym or a great addition to your growing home gym, the Magnetic Rowing Machine covers all the bases when it comes to investing in your health. With a design formulated to be low-impact on the body, protect your muscles and joints while still increasing your fitness and challenging your body with a full body workout. Unlike treadmills and exercise bikes, the Rowing Machine engages 86% of your muscles at once so you can quickly tone up your body and see results fast without having to do high impact workouts that often just engage your legs. 


Fold & Store

Enjoy working at home with gym-quality equipment without the large footprint with the Rowing Machine folding feature. Manufactured with an easy-fold frame, simply pull the lever and push upwards to fold up your rowing machine and use the built in base smooth glide wheels to easily move your rowing machine whether you want to rearrange your gym, take it outside or simply stow it away in a corner or closet for later use. 

8-Level Tension Control

Use the built-in tension control knob to alter the resistance level on your Rowing Machine to match your fitness level. Twist to Level 1 for beginners or for the lowest possible resistance and 8 for advanced rowing and maximum muscle engagement. It is suggested you start at Level 4 resistance and move up or down depending on how comfortable you are with the rowing tension while maintaining proper form. 

Durable Construction

The Rowing Machine Frame is manufactured with industrial grade steel that is sweat and rust resistant with anti-wobble stability that can support up to 264 pounds so you can row with a peace of mind. The thick attached seat is made with thick high density firm foam so you can row for extended periods of time in comfort without aches or pains.