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5D Magic Round Diamond Painting Kobe Bryant Diamond Painting NBA Stats Diamond Art DIY Kit

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What is the new generation of magic square round diamond painting?
1. The magic square round diamond is improved on the basis of the resin diamonds, and new development completed.
2. The magic square diamond uses 447 colors, which is equivalent to the number of cross stitch colors, and the 5D gradient effect is strong and the picture is more realistic.
3. The material is the same as the square diamond, but there are 26 facets, which achieves the meaning of diamond painting, and the bevel is more shining.
4. The magic square round drill is small and light in weight, the gap between the diamond is smaller, the diamond is firmer, and the finished product effect is look better.
5. The magic square round diamond combines the shape of a round diamond and the texture quality of a square diamond. It is becoming the new generation of diamond painting used material.
The beauty of diamonds is the light that shines in the twinkle!
1. The magic round diamond has multiple facets, the diamonds are flickering, the diamond particles are full and crystal clear, and the canvas is clearly printed. It is a good gift for friends and relatives!
2. The diamond has 26 section facets. The facets are smooth and delicate. The refraction is good, and there is no dead angle in 360 degrees, it will produce a stunning shimmery effect.
3. The 5D magic square round diamond combines the advantages of square and round diamonds to improve the process, the 26-section is more colorful, and finished the diamond painting are more beautiful.
4. Ziplock bag packaging, safe and convenient, 30% extra for each color of diamonds.
Tools: Craft tray, stylus, tweezer, wax