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Wooden Picture Frame Canvas Painting Frames DIY Diamond Painting Cross Stitch Frame

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height 50cm
height 55cm
height 60cm
height 85cm
height 80cm
height 90cm
height 70cm
height 65cm
height 75cm
Material: natural wood.
Size: select the same size (width * height) as the painting you selected
 (make sure your painting has an additional 2.5-3cm border, and the canvas size
 must be at least 5-6cm larger than the wooden frame size.)
Note: This is just a wooden frame without painting. It can be wide or high. Both
 can be changed at any time, because you only need to rotate it.
  • 4x Wooden frame bars with glue tape
  • 4x Ladder-shaped inserts
  • 4x U-shaped pins
  • 1 x Traceless hook kit